About the Course

There are two course sessions during the year, one in the fall semester (mid September – January), one in the spring semester (mid February – June). The content of each semester (what you learn) is different, so you learn everything from us within two semesters. For both semesters, beginners can join the class.

This weekly course takes place every Wednesday @ Cultuurlab Delft and consists of two parts. During the first hour the 4 steps style of Rock ‘n roll dancing is taught. During the second hour there is free dancing for those in the beginner course giving them a chance to practice what they have learned,  for the more advanced dancers there is the opportunity to learn more advanced figures either from each other or from the teaching team.

You do not need to register to participate to the course (just showing up is needed). 

In order to follow the classes you need to be a member of the association Rock’n Delft. If you are a member of the association, the classes are for FREE. To become a member, you need to fill a form which is available during the class. You can follow one class without being a member to try it out and experience the Rock’n Delft atmosphere! Remember: Rock’n Delft is as much about learning Rock dance as having fun!

The membership fee is 25-30 euro per semester (which will cover the whole course). With the membership you will get involved in many social activities, parties with live bands, borrels, social evenings.

Although we are serious about teaching you how to dance Rock ‘n Roll style, our main objective is to share experiences, meet people and have fun.

Don’t hesitate, gather your friends, and come join us at Rock ‘n Roll association and the course every week!

If you want to see what Rock’n Roll looks like, check our YouTube channel where you can also see our moves.